Where to Keep Your Crystals

I like to think about my Stones as good friends, For the most part I treat them as though they have feelings just like I do.  SO, if I were a crystal where would I like to sit?  In general a good place to put your Crystals is somewhere they will have a good vantage point, a shelf where they can watch over you perhaps.  

But what about it you want to use them... Well then you have several options. Crystals are best able to influence your personal energy field when they are within 3 feet of you, so carrying them with you is a very popular way of using them on a daily basis. 

You can wear them as jewelry (my personal favorite), keep them in a pocket or your bag, I have even met people that liked to keep their crystals in their shoes.

No matter where you keep your Crystals if you have them close by your days will be more pleasant and easy going then ever before.  Later on we will discuss different types of stones for different types of benefits.

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