~ Sodalite ~

Sodalite stimulates rational and objective thought, and increases your truthfulness and intuition. It also brings about emotional balance by bringing your inner fears to the surface where you can deal with them and set them free. Sodalite can help you to better verbalize what's going on in your head, this can lead to an increase in your self-esteem. 

Bringing together the sub and conscious mind in harmony allows the stone to promote the peace and tranquility of your true self.  Sodalite is also extremely effective at balancing energy problems within your energy system, and counteracts electro-magnetic interference. Peaceful energy flows freely from this stone and that can change the feel of an entire room.  

Likewise Sodalite is also very helpful in group settings where you must work well with others, it brings openness and truth to communications and helps you to give logical process to your creative ideas.

~ Howlite ~

Howlite is a great grounding stone, it works to calm stresses of many kinds from emotional turmoil to muscles aches.  Your thirst for knowledge may increase exponentially when Howlite is around, making it highly coveted by scholars and students alike.  It will also help keep your mind focused by calming excess thoughts, this also makes it a great aid for meditation, sleep and anger management.

It is also a conduit for mental activities like past life work and astral travel, the howlite acts as your silver cord keeping you here while you are there.  For help accessing your own memories try placing the Howlite on your third eye.  It can also facilitate an increased sense of creativity and self expression.

~ Emerald ~

Emeralds are a stone of pure unadulterated love, bringing wisdom and harmony to those possessing it. With the love embodied within the Emeralds they are a prime stone for healing the mind and body. Balancing the energy within and beyond the body with vibrations of love has caused Emeralds to become a highly coveted stone over the centuries. 

Emeralds also offer the benefit of easing mental and physical pains and providing spiritual insights to the realm beyond.  This has lead people throughout the ages to seek out emeralds when they are in need of focusing and clarifying their thoughts and actions.  Often sought after by kings and leaders Emeralds allowed them to make sound decisions even in times of duress.