The Designs

Live Beautiful and Free!  That’s our slogan because that’s exactly what we want to help you do.   Your designs are crafted with the intent of helping you along your path in life and making you able to grow and flourish as an amazing person.  We offer a unique selection of Metaphysical Crystal and Gemstone gifts, and as always Custom Orders are always welcomed.

Trees ~*~ Pendants ~*~ Magic Wands ~*~ Pendulums ~*~ Scrying mirrors ~*~ Herbal Blends 

I create wonderful art with crystals and wire.  Some you can wear to help balance and enhance your personal aura, some are decorative and lend to a harmonized environment.  By harnessing the natural properties of stones, crystals and metals we are able to alter the energy of our surroundings, this can have effects ranging anywhere from mild to dramatic.   To help people along their paths by providing natural magic items to enhance their reality. Using only the best natural materials provided by god for us to use and benefit from.

I strive for quality and never use glue or other contaminants in my work.  Being able to offer quality work at affordable prices is very important to us, we try to keep our costs down, reuse packing materials and often barter.   Keep your footprints light and few!
Do not be fooled into thinking that an item has to be expensive to be powerful, it needs to be crafted with care and intent to be effective.
If you would like to view our shop please visit www.PyromancerDesigns.etsy.comPyromancer Designs Shop