~ River Rocks ~

River Rocks have been worn down by the forces of nature, making them adept at taking whatever you throw at them, and turning it into something calming that you can handle.   River rocks are masters of transmutation, they spend their developmental years sandwiched between the forces of water and earth, with an ever changing scenery, all they have ever known is change and change is a normal state of affairs for them.  Employee river rocks when you want to filter out everything but your desired energy, and also use them when your world has been turned upside down, they will offer a huge amount of support, because they are no stranger to change.

~ Turquoise ~

~ Blue ~
Turquoise is considered to be a stone of friendship, a connective stone, prized for it's ability to connect highs and lows and bring an even level to whatever energies it is involved with.  It is thought to be a philosophers stone because of the bringing together of the heavens and earth, used in vision questing by tribes across the world.  It has also been used by healers because of the positive effect of balancing your inner energy and aligning your chakras, it has also been used to dispel negativity, evil spirits and protect against depression, anxiety and panic attacks.  

~ Yellow ~
Yellow Turquoise has similar chemical makeup thus keeping most of the qualities of blue Turquoise, however is also has the added benefit of Iron inclusions and stands of hematite running through it, This gives a few additional qualities.  Yellow Turquoise is great for promoting higher intuition and enhanced communication through creative means.  It can be very useful when meditating because of it's ability to call forth the connective and balancing powers that lie within to promote a serene environment, this is perfect for someone who is in the midst of adjusting to changes.    

~ Copper ~

Copper has been a valuable and plentiful resource throughout the years for more then industrial applications. 

Most useful to us is perhaps an overlap with industrial uses, Copper has an uncanny ability to take whatever energy is present and amplify and direct it.  This allows us to harness energies from ourselves or outside forces and while intensifying the energy we can also direct it in a way that is beneficial   This makes Copper one of the most useful metals in the world of metaphysics.

Within your body Copper has the ability to balance the flow of energy through your body and aura, your magnetic polarity and assist in proper ph balance within your system.  If nothing else a properly aligned body has a much stronger immune system response to any illness or disease, so copper has been used by healers throughout history.  

~ Shell ~

Shells store the self expression and protective nature of our friends from the ocean.  Everything housed inside is sensitive and adaptable, but the shell itself is the protector, the first line of defense against the evils of the world.  Camouflage, visual mis-representation, and a greater cooperation between the mind and body is kind of how Shell works energetically speaking.  

It can make you appear as you'd like, rather then as you are to others... Making it a great deal of help while you deal with internal issues that you don't wish to share.  This same attribute can make it very helpful in promoting groups to work well together, helping everyone see what they need to see in each other so that everyone can get along and play nice.  

Salt water shells can be very beneficial in the act of cleansing an area or a thought pattern.  Salt helps to wash away, so a Shell from the sea also carries with it the inherent cleansing properties of the salt water it grew in, and this is one reason shells are very forgiving and nurturing.

~ Glass ~

Glass holds within it the high vibration of rebirth and transformation, symbolically it allows you a chance to view all that you have been, are, and will become.  Through a trial by fire, sand is broken down into the molten liquid state, unrecognizable as what it used to be, then through careful manipulation it is crafted into something so much more then it had ever been before. 

Glass has been thought of as the physical embodiment of the phoenix  rising from the ashes holding with it a powerful energy that transcends all that you have ever been, to bring you to the place where you can be what you are to become.  

Glass is also a prime medium for showcasing other objects, it brings with it an inherent honesty that is ultimately grounded in the worldly truths that govern our universal physics.  If you want to take a good hard look at yourself, let glass assist you.

~ Steel ~

Steel has the ability the shield against negativity and create a great defense against ill intentions, by deflecting it from whence it came.  You can use Steel in Meditations of protecting yourself from a physical or mental attack, but you can also use a Steel object to force negative intentions out of yourself as well.  Have a negative thought?  Cast it out, the Steel will cause your negativity to fracture so that it can be dissipated by the ether.
Steel Wire Tree with Abalone Coins

~ Ruby ~

Rubies have been held in high esteem through history for a variety of reasons surrounding their mystical qualities.  They are believed to be the physical embodiment of intensity, purity and hardiness... these qualities leach into every aspect of your being when you keep ruby near to you.  They can enhance your physical health, and have been used to treat aliments for the liver, kidneys, heart, skin, and muscle tissue as well as detoxify the blood.  

Amazingly their usefulness far surpasses physical uses by allowing you clarify your thoughts and thus gain additional wisdom from your company and surroundings, making it a great stone for leaders, it helps you distinguish a good idea from a good fantasy.  After you've decided what must be done, the Ruby helps to find your motivational triggers and light your internal fire helping you find the will to keep with it.  This allows you to take on the world with no fear, bringing an unrivaled sense of courageousness and confidence, this can make for a very charismatic and attractive person.
Ruby Apples with Emerald Leaves

It is also suggested you keep a ruby near you while you sleep to aid in Lucid Dreams and seeking answers from within the recesses of your mind.  It helps strengthen the silver cord that ties you to your body so that you may be more exploratory in your travels and work together more proactively with your subconscious.

~ Brass ~

Brass is a protective metal, it can work as an insulator to  keep your energy where you want it.  It also offers little to no friction, in the energetic sense, allowing positive energies the ability to travel freely within it, while not allowing negative energy passage at all.  There is minimal amplification but the metal itself serves as a magnet for attraction of money and good fortune.