~ Ruby ~

Rubies have been held in high esteem through history for a variety of reasons surrounding their mystical qualities.  They are believed to be the physical embodiment of intensity, purity and hardiness... these qualities leach into every aspect of your being when you keep ruby near to you.  They can enhance your physical health, and have been used to treat aliments for the liver, kidneys, heart, skin, and muscle tissue as well as detoxify the blood.  

Amazingly their usefulness far surpasses physical uses by allowing you clarify your thoughts and thus gain additional wisdom from your company and surroundings, making it a great stone for leaders, it helps you distinguish a good idea from a good fantasy.  After you've decided what must be done, the Ruby helps to find your motivational triggers and light your internal fire helping you find the will to keep with it.  This allows you to take on the world with no fear, bringing an unrivaled sense of courageousness and confidence, this can make for a very charismatic and attractive person.
Ruby Apples with Emerald Leaves

It is also suggested you keep a ruby near you while you sleep to aid in Lucid Dreams and seeking answers from within the recesses of your mind.  It helps strengthen the silver cord that ties you to your body so that you may be more exploratory in your travels and work together more proactively with your subconscious.

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