~ Citrine ~

Citrine is the Birthstone for November as well as the perfect shining gift for a 13th wedding Anniversary. The amazing properties of Citrine may be partially responsible for that wonderful status.

Citrine holds within it the healing powers of the universal love. It fills your aura and space with it's cleansing energies clearing out negativity and toxins. It protmotes balance for both your higher and lower chakras by bringing them into alignment with each other. That basically means it will bring a breath of clean fresh air into your life.

Those qualities have caused Citrine to be revered as a stone of success and good luck. It can enhance your optimism and increase the awareness of synchronicity in your life putting you into situations where good decisions can lead to unfounded rewards. It can help you to overcome depression and anxiety, it also helps anger issues and can bring situations to a happy ending.  

~ Pyrite ~

Pyrite is prized as a stone of intellect for many reasons. It opens up your personal lines of communication, allowing for more open and honest conversations while providing emotional protection and preserving that internal filter that sugar coats the honest opinions that we never really speak. It will also help stimulate the motivation needed to turn your thoughts into actions making it great for a business minded person or a creative individual.

Due to the reflective quality of Pyrite it works well for meditation and self reflection. This stone is perfect for someone moving into a new stage of life.

~ Amber ~

Amber is not actually a crystal or gemstone, it is Sap from prehistoric Trees that has aged over millions of years and become fossilized. 
Throughout the course of recorded history Amber has been used and carried to relieve Arthritis, and headaches.  It is known for it's ability to impart wisdom and encourage wise decisions among those who keep Amber close by.  
It has also been worn as a protection stone to ward off opposition and conflict with it's divinity. Early Christians prized Amber because it signified the presence of the Lord and all things holy.
It holds the knowledge of the years past and can help in past life work and when learning is of the utmost importance.  Amber can also bring about a sunny disposition to those that carry it, perhaps that is because it is also renowned for bringing about success and good luck. 

~~Tibetian Quartz~~

Tibetan Quartz is exceptionally well known for transformational qualities and when you pair that with it's ability to intensify energy it becomes easy to see why Tibetan Quartz is such a powerful stone. The crystals are mined high in the Himalayans and hold in them an open channel to forgotten and ancient knowledge, this allows them to vibrate at a frequency much higher then most quartz. One other interesting thing about Tibetan Quartz is that it works like an enhancer with other stones, it can take their qualities and make them shine like you wouldn't believe.

Tibetan Quartz is used as a natural shield, just having it near you will cause negativity to be transmuted into a more constructive healing energy, causing that to wash over you instead of anything unwanted. This stone is also very useful in the practice of meditation and healing. It will help put you into a state of mind where you are open to receiving information and psychic energy from outside sources. This is a handy stone to keep close when trying to set new habits or break old ones, it can make the process go much more smoothly.

~ Quartz ~

 Quartz enhances energy by focusing, amplifying and transmitting. It channels many types of energy like your thoughts and the universal energy. Because it amplifies and channels energy, it is extremely beneficial for manifesting, meditation and channeling. 

Quartz is also a great crystal for storing and retrieving information of all types, because information is an energy pattern also. This makes them good for programming, or imprinting them with a specific intention. 

One intention that Quartz holds very well is to balance and harmonize one's environment, this can help bring you to the path of synchronicity where things you desire are brought straight to you. 

Quartz is also extremely good for energizing and charging other crystals or your self. Visualize cosmic loving energy flowing through the crystal, being amplified then filling and surrounding the object or person you wish to charge. It can even help you with your mid afternoon drowsiness.

~ Pearls ~

Pearls have historically been a symbol of purity and personal integrity, they help clear your mind so that it can be a clean channel for wisdom and spiritual guidance.  Pearls are also known to enhance sincerity, truth and loyalty. They bring with them a calming reflection because of their lustrous shine. They are known to enhance personal integrity and help balance you emotions, keeping a good head on your shoulders is always a good thing. 

They were once thought of as tears of the gods. Because a pearl is created by layer after layer of a substance produced to counteract irritation...(By the oysters they grow in) it can be extremely nurturing, when used properly pearls can help lessen your stress and it's resulting symptoms, such as headaches, muscle tension and poor sleeping.