~ Citrine ~

Citrine is the Birthstone for November as well as the perfect shining gift for a 13th wedding Anniversary. The amazing properties of Citrine may be partially responsible for that wonderful status.

Citrine holds within it the healing powers of the universal love. It fills your aura and space with it's cleansing energies clearing out negativity and toxins. It protmotes balance for both your higher and lower chakras by bringing them into alignment with each other. That basically means it will bring a breath of clean fresh air into your life.

Those qualities have caused Citrine to be revered as a stone of success and good luck. It can enhance your optimism and increase the awareness of synchronicity in your life putting you into situations where good decisions can lead to unfounded rewards. It can help you to overcome depression and anxiety, it also helps anger issues and can bring situations to a happy ending.  

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