~ Quartz ~

 Quartz enhances energy by focusing, amplifying and transmitting. It channels many types of energy like your thoughts and the universal energy. Because it amplifies and channels energy, it is extremely beneficial for manifesting, meditation and channeling. 

Quartz is also a great crystal for storing and retrieving information of all types, because information is an energy pattern also. This makes them good for programming, or imprinting them with a specific intention. 

One intention that Quartz holds very well is to balance and harmonize one's environment, this can help bring you to the path of synchronicity where things you desire are brought straight to you. 

Quartz is also extremely good for energizing and charging other crystals or your self. Visualize cosmic loving energy flowing through the crystal, being amplified then filling and surrounding the object or person you wish to charge. It can even help you with your mid afternoon drowsiness.

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