~~Tibetian Quartz~~

Tibetan Quartz is exceptionally well known for transformational qualities and when you pair that with it's ability to intensify energy it becomes easy to see why Tibetan Quartz is such a powerful stone. The crystals are mined high in the Himalayans and hold in them an open channel to forgotten and ancient knowledge, this allows them to vibrate at a frequency much higher then most quartz. One other interesting thing about Tibetan Quartz is that it works like an enhancer with other stones, it can take their qualities and make them shine like you wouldn't believe.

Tibetan Quartz is used as a natural shield, just having it near you will cause negativity to be transmuted into a more constructive healing energy, causing that to wash over you instead of anything unwanted. This stone is also very useful in the practice of meditation and healing. It will help put you into a state of mind where you are open to receiving information and psychic energy from outside sources. This is a handy stone to keep close when trying to set new habits or break old ones, it can make the process go much more smoothly.

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