~ Glass ~

Glass holds within it the high vibration of rebirth and transformation, symbolically it allows you a chance to view all that you have been, are, and will become.  Through a trial by fire, sand is broken down into the molten liquid state, unrecognizable as what it used to be, then through careful manipulation it is crafted into something so much more then it had ever been before. 

Glass has been thought of as the physical embodiment of the phoenix  rising from the ashes holding with it a powerful energy that transcends all that you have ever been, to bring you to the place where you can be what you are to become.  

Glass is also a prime medium for showcasing other objects, it brings with it an inherent honesty that is ultimately grounded in the worldly truths that govern our universal physics.  If you want to take a good hard look at yourself, let glass assist you.

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