~ Turquoise ~

~ Blue ~
Turquoise is considered to be a stone of friendship, a connective stone, prized for it's ability to connect highs and lows and bring an even level to whatever energies it is involved with.  It is thought to be a philosophers stone because of the bringing together of the heavens and earth, used in vision questing by tribes across the world.  It has also been used by healers because of the positive effect of balancing your inner energy and aligning your chakras, it has also been used to dispel negativity, evil spirits and protect against depression, anxiety and panic attacks.  

~ Yellow ~
Yellow Turquoise has similar chemical makeup thus keeping most of the qualities of blue Turquoise, however is also has the added benefit of Iron inclusions and stands of hematite running through it, This gives a few additional qualities.  Yellow Turquoise is great for promoting higher intuition and enhanced communication through creative means.  It can be very useful when meditating because of it's ability to call forth the connective and balancing powers that lie within to promote a serene environment, this is perfect for someone who is in the midst of adjusting to changes.    

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