~ Sodalite ~

Sodalite stimulates rational and objective thought, and increases your truthfulness and intuition. It also brings about emotional balance by bringing your inner fears to the surface where you can deal with them and set them free. Sodalite can help you to better verbalize what's going on in your head, this can lead to an increase in your self-esteem. 

Bringing together the sub and conscious mind in harmony allows the stone to promote the peace and tranquility of your true self.  Sodalite is also extremely effective at balancing energy problems within your energy system, and counteracts electro-magnetic interference. Peaceful energy flows freely from this stone and that can change the feel of an entire room.  

Likewise Sodalite is also very helpful in group settings where you must work well with others, it brings openness and truth to communications and helps you to give logical process to your creative ideas.

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