~ Rose Quartz ~

Rose Quartz is used to promote loving energy within and between people.  This is probably why it has been nick-named the Love stone.  Rose Quartz acts as a conduit to the ultimate source of unconditional love no matter what the outside circumstances are, it also helps to open your heart to giving and receiving every form of love.  Another unique quality of Rose Quartz is it's ability to enhance loving energy.  

Rose Quartz is great at reducing stress levels and lowering tension, it allows you to let the gentle calmness of the world wash over and embrace you.  Rose Quartz is such a lovely stone it has been used in many applications throughout history.  One way rulers have utilized Rose Quartz is to use it in conflict resolution because it has a wonderful way of helping encourage forgivenesstolerance and compassion.  It also helps to lessen feelings of anger and guilt.

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