~ Jasper ~

Painted Jasper
Jasper is the ultimate nurturer of the gemstone community, it will look after you and keep your protected no matter what.  Jasper comes in many colors and varieties but there are several things they all have in common.
One awesome quality it has is to neutralize electro-magnetic instabilities within it's surroundings, including radiation from many different sources it does this by absorbing negative energy.  This also allows it to draw toxins out of the blood thus helping to boost the immune responses.  Jasper has been used by healers for centuries to help treat long term illness.  Grounding your energy and helping to keep your 'personal bubble' intact is also something that all Jaspers will do without a second thought.

Red Jasper is a great mothering stone, it is very protective while offering gentle stimulation.  It can neutralize energetic pollution.  Red Jasper helps to ground energy and get everything into it's right place, including your attitude and that of those around you.  

Red Jasper is also used to calm your fears and worries by bringing into light the true problems at hand and allowing you to look at them without interference from your emotions; then it helps you to speak your mind clearly.  Since it can diffuse energy that is not beneficial to you it can be a wonderful stone to keep in a public place in your home or office, it will help ease your emotional stress.  

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