~ Fluorite ~

Fluorite is one of the most aura integrated stones, making it great for all workings having to do with the self.  Most every color of Fluorite has some qualities in common including it's ability to stabilize your energy fields   If you are having energy spikes that could be tied to anxiety or manic behavior this crystal will smooth those behaviors into something more manageable, this is probably due to it's effect on negative energy.  It will absorb the low frequency negativity and neutralizes it into something more harmonious.

Now for a bit about the color variations:
Green - Green Fluorite is known for it's ability to absorb excess energies and bring them into harmony with your own energy, one benefit of this for you is an added bonus to your energy field and an alignment of your chakras.  It is also helpful in cleansing your mind and dissolving emotional issues.  Throughout history this green stone has been used by Kings traveling throughout their kingdoms, they thought it would allow them to see underlying problems, and things normally not visible to the eye.  This could be due to the opening of your heart chakra when Green Fluorite is close by, allowing you to see the world from a different perspective.  

Purple - Purple Fluorite is most useful in things of a heady nature, connecting with your higher self, and bringing the mind and body to a place where they can work well together.  If you are looking to find a spiritual balance then this store is the perfect mate.  It can also be a lot of help when trying to evoke visions and dream states.

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