Properties of Crystals, Why Do They Work?

If you have ever picked up a stone only to feel it burning in your hand or felt the wave of calm wash over you as you held it then you know that Crystals and stones can and do have a profound effect on you. But why is that?

Crystals grow under the earths surface in the crust over hundreds of thousands and millions of years. Extreme heat and pressure provide ample opportunity for them to grow and flourish, they also put them in a position to be the objects on earth with the most energy. Also, one common place to find lots of types of crystals in one spot is around a volcano, it is speculated whether the volcanic activity creates the crystals or merely brings them to the surface, but whichever it may be you can't deny that a volcano is an immense energy source. 

Crystals are capable of receiving, containing, projecting, emanating, refracting, and reflecting heat, electricity, sound and light – the highest form of energy known in the physical universe. They are often utilized within the areas of science and technology. As an example crystals are used in high powered lasers, but can also be found in everyday products as well, such as wrinkle cream and watches. Having crystals on you or within your electromagnetic field (3 feet surrounding you), raises your energetic vibration level by reflecting and refracting light into your auric field.

Crystals work by focusing and magnifying or neutralizing the innate energies within their surroundings. They can effect anything from our environment to our emotions, dissolve and negate psychic, mental and emotional stress lift our spirits when we are struggling. They also help to dissipate suppressed or unreleased pain, and can alter our energies in order to help us make lasting changes in every aspect of our being. The results can be elevated quality of life in all areas, Physical and Emotional health, a stronger sense of Self Worth and Purpose and greater inter and intra personal connections.

For centuries across the globe crystals have been used to heal. Such experiences have been documented from various cultures and civilizations throughout time, they all contain histories in which stones and crystals were sought after and coveted for their reported usefulness and healing properties. It is also debated whether jewelry was originally crafted for adornment or healing, and it is well known that crowns and armor have been encrusted with appropriate crystals in order to provide an edge over the competition.

Each gemstone embodies a specific atomic makeup and energy signature with a unique set of properties. You do not need to practice or meditate to experience the benefits of a crystal, crystals are science that can be experienced personally. One unique things you must understand though is that the perceived effect of a crystal is very subjective. Many people will give them a try and attribute the benefits of the crystals to some other stimulus, one that they may be more familiar with.

One small example for you. You pull up to a red light, you ask the light to turn green, or say a prayer or incantation and it turns green. Now one that is skeptical would argue that the light was going to turn green at that moment anyways... But you, being more open minded then that can realize the shift in your attitude when the light changed because you asked it nicely. Keeping a positive attitude and an open mind will not only help your days be brighter, but it will allow you to notice the "coincidences" in your daily life and attribute them to the real causes.

So, why do crystals work? Because they are grown in an intense situation and posses unique characteristics.
Why do they work better? Because we believe in them. If someone believes in you and your skills and talents, you are able to perform better. That is why we must proliferate only love and good intentions to both each other and the things around us. 

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