~ Blue Lace Agate ~

Blue lace agate has a special calming effect to it. It brings a sense of tranquility to anyone near it. A few ways this can manifest is by helping to alleviate signs of anger and anxiety or nervousness; It can also help you become more confident with who you are and vocalize your feelings in a manner that can be understood by others. 
It can help a lot with public speaking and other times when open and thoughtful communication is key. 
As a member of the Agate family Blue Lace also holds the traditional attribute of protection. It is a lot more like wrapping in a warm blanket then holding a shield, but sometimes a shield is a bit more then the situation calls for. 

Agate has been praised as an elemental stone of the Earth. Being incredibly grounding, it helps harmonize your energy and bring balance to your life, while keeping you grounded in logical thinking.

Some of the qualities Agates possess that can be of use to you are encouraging you to be less disagreeable by maintaining a broader perspective, preventing insomnia and inviting pleasant dreams and increasing your concentration and encouraging creativity. Agate can also provide you with a heightened sense of personal strength and inner courage. 

Last, but certainly not the least, Agates have been used for centuries by common folk and royalty alike for their rumored ability to attract good fortune and eliminate bad luck.  These basic traits are similar throughout all Agates, while each type has it's own unique characteristics

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