~ Moss Agate ~

Moss Agate has been a favorite tool among shamans and healers for centuries.  The stone has many unique characteristics that make it a versatile powerful stone.  It helps to enhance your concentration, courage, endurance, patience, persistence, tolerance, and success in your endeavors. 

Midwives have used Moss Agates to give a new mother courage and strength during labor. It assists with natural childbirth by easing pain and anxiety. Midwives also utilize them to help alleviate dangerous complications, speed up recovery, counteract long term illnesses and cleanse the circulatory and elimination systems.

Moss Agates can lead to an understanding of the intricate nature of your personal relationship with all things. This can lead you to stop putting off your dreams and goals so you may continue on to find and reach your destined path. It will provide you with the endurance and confidence to rise above any challenge that lay ahead. 

Agate has been praised as an elemental stone of the Earth. Being incredibly grounding, it helps harmonize your energy and bring balance to your life, while keeping you grounded in logical thinking.
Some of the qualities Agates possess that can be of use to you are encouraging you to be less disagreeable by maintaining a broader perspective, preventing insomnia and inviting pleasant dreams and increasing your concentration and encouraging creativity. Agate can also provide you with a heightened sense of personal strength and inner courage. 

Last, but certainly not the least, Agates have been used for centuries by common folk and royalty alike for their rumored ability to attract good fortune and eliminate bad luck.  These basic traits are similar throughout all Agates, while each type has it's own unique characteristics

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